Maya Holihan

Happily Altered After podcast host and author, Maya Holihan, has been a wedding industry expert for over 18 years. Maya began her career with famed bridal gown designer, Vera Wang in New York City.

In 2003, she relocated to Norfolk, Virginia and bought her first bridal shop. By 2015 Maya owned six bridal shops, a bridal show, wedding planning company, and was the editor of a bridal publication…she had one of the most prominent wedding companies in the nation.


Her growth was fast and furious, which put the company in the financial leveraged position she was unable to navigate out of.


Her company abruptly closed in August 2017...leaving her clients,

employees, and community in devastation. It was her worst

nightmare come true.

She began writing Happily Altered After later in that year as a way to heal from the trauma of leaving so many of her clients in the lurch during the most beautiful time of their lives, and losing the company she loved and thought she was going to enjoy for years to come.

During the creative process she was having heartfelt conversations with real brides and wedding planners who are contributors to the book, and she realized how much she missed the industry and the daily dialogue of the journey to wedded bliss, and that sparked the idea for the podcast.

Wedding planning is filled with oodles of unknowns, ups and downs, and sometimes chaos and crisis. Maya has lived that entire roller-coaster ride. Her experience and expertise, and real-life highs and lows give her a unique voice and perspective for today’s planning couples.

It’s a voice that is steeped in experience, is humbled, passionate, humorous and empathic. Maya says weddings are in her DNA, and hopefully you will feel that as you engross yourself in the Happily Altered After podcast, book, and community!