In short, we’re extending the life cycle of the most luxurious wedding products in an effort to lighten the global carbon footprint while keeping money in your pockets and small businesses thriving. So, what is Sustainability. We love the definition found in this article from the website You Matter.

But we’ll summarize the parts we think support our mission best:


Etymologically, the word sustainability comes from sustainable + ity. And sustainable is,

for instance, a composition of sustain + able. So if we start from the beginning, to

<sustain> means “give support to”, “to hold up”, “to bear” or to “keep up”.


What is sustainability, then? Sustainable is an adjective for something that is able to be sustained, i.e, something that is “bearable” and “capable of being continued at a certain level”. In the end, sustainability can perhaps be seen as the process(es) by which something is kept at a certain level.

At EWedded we respect your budget, your timeline, and your style and want to ensure we help you maintain these at your desired level.

Sustainability can be defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources (which is influenced by the way societies are organized) to keep an ecological balance so that society’s quality of life doesn’t decrease.

At EWedded we encourage weddings with purpose that support the preservation of ecological balance without compromising on the quality, beauty and timelessness of your day!

There’s a lot of textile waste (including the wedding industry) and many clothes are made of synthetic fibers which, while being washed, escape to the sea in the shape of microplastics. In this way, if a company makes clothes with resistant materials, uses sustainably produced cotton, applies principles of circular economy in its value chain and uses less toxic chemicals, it is responsible with the environment.

At EWedded we’re contributing to the principles of a circular economy by extending the life of luxury goods. Every time a garment is resold we’re minimizing carbon emissions that pollute our planet.